Plant a tree for a better tomorrow

A tree plantation drive conducted by Yashone Hinjawadi residents at Maan Gaon Hills, Hinjawadi.

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VJ Samvaad- Yashwin SuperNova (A) Building

It’s always a joy to connect with our home owners.

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‘GRAND’ opening at Grand Central, Wakad

Be a part of our grand celebration at Grand Central, Wakad.

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What is going on in VJ?

A journey of 41 years of Compassion and Perseverance

Founded in 1981, the company has grown in strength in the last four decades. From creating locations that became landmarks, projects that ushered in a trend and became proud addresses and homes that became epicentre of memories for millions of people. The journey of VJ from a humble beginning as a construction contracting firm to …

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The Telescope Man

Curiosity sparks new levels of creativity. It fuels the soul and drives innovation. Einstein once said he had no special talent but was rather passionately curious. To spark new levels of creativity in your work, you need to observe things around you, practice mindfulness, and step outside your comfort zone. Humans are born curious. The …

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