Plant a tree for a better tomorrow

A tree plantation drive conducted by Yashone Hinjawadi residents at Maan Gaon Hills, Hinjawadi.

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VJ Samvaad- Yashwin SuperNova (A) Building

It’s always a joy to connect with our home owners.

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‘GRAND’ opening at Grand Central, Wakad

Be a part of our grand celebration at Grand Central, Wakad.

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The Telescope Man

Curiosity sparks new levels of creativity. It fuels the soul and drives innovation. Einstein once said he had no special talent but was rather passionately curious. To spark new levels of creativity in your work, you need to observe things around you, practice mindfulness, and step outside your comfort zone.

Humans are born curious. The urge to explore and discover, are the impulses that open the imagination and spark creative connections. The impulse to seek new information and experiences and explore novel possibilities is a basic human instinct. Innovation starts with curiosity. When we’re curious, we gather new information that leads to creative connections.

Nearly every remarkable innovation started with curiosity. So is the story of Mr Vijay Tayde, Owner of B-805 of our YashONE Maan Hinjewadi Project. He is an IT professional who lives with her wife and son. A DIY enthusiast got some leisure time during the second wave of the pandemic and got motivated to try something new when he saw a video on “How to make a telescope at home”. And he exclaimed to himself… Why not!!

Basically, a telescope is an optical instrument that contains Achromatic lens, an Eyepiece Lens, Pipes of different diameters, and a Tripod to mount the telescope. The excited Father Son duo, started collating the various elements required in the process. They purchased the achromatic lens from a vendor who specializes in these types of lenses, and PVC pipes from the local hardware shops. They assembled the pipes, and lenses as per the video and within 2 days they were ready with their own handmade Telescope.

Testimonial “I remember; it was a clear sky at night when I mounted my telescope to see the Moon. Oh, My God – the sight was mesmerizing…!! A feeling that I cannot express. I had never ever seen anything so beautiful in my entire life. I could even see the moon craters and mountains very clearly. “

But the story does not end here. Mr Vijay thought if the sight of the Moon is so engrossing, how captivating it would be to spot the Solar Planets!! And he decided to give wings to his imagination. With the help of his two friends Vivek & Sarang he dived again in the pool of creativity. They decided to come together and make a telescope with better lenses and configuration and installed an app to locate the planets in the sky. And guess what? They were able to locate Saturn, Jupiter & Venus.

“The Saturn rings and the bands of Jupiter were breath taking” he exclaimed with joy…!

It looks like the show has just begun. And many such DIY’s are already in the making.