Plant a tree for a better tomorrow

A tree plantation drive conducted by Yashone Hinjawadi residents at Maan Gaon Hills, Hinjawadi.

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VJ Samvaad- Yashwin SuperNova (A) Building

It’s always a joy to connect with our home owners.

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‘GRAND’ opening at Grand Central, Wakad

Be a part of our grand celebration at Grand Central, Wakad.

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VJ spreading its wings…

West Office Inaugurated on 5th Dec

With a legacy of 41 years, VJ has come a long way with its humble beginnings.

We are slowly but steadily making our presence stronger across Pune’s Real Estate Sector. Our presence in the Western part of Pune was gradually coming to a prominent note.

As we are expanding on a large scale, day by day our strength is increasing and very soon we will be a team of 1000!

Following the opening of East office in the month of Nov, we are delighted to inaugurate our East office located in Sus on Monday, 5th Dec 2022. This location will accommodate more than 160 people from different departments. The purpose behind making many inter-connected departments together to fasten the work. West Office has facilities like pantry, conference room, separate meetings rooms and place for employees to relax.

It’s a beautifully designed office having vibrant colours and very positive vibes. We are sure, this office will turn out to be lucky for VJ.