Plant a tree for a better tomorrow

A tree plantation drive conducted by Yashone Hinjawadi residents at Maan Gaon Hills, Hinjawadi.

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VJ Samvaad- Yashwin SuperNova (A) Building

It’s always a joy to connect with our home owners.

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‘GRAND’ opening at Grand Central, Wakad

Be a part of our grand celebration at Grand Central, Wakad.

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Enriching the experience of buying a ‘Payabharani’ event

Buying a home is a big step in anyone’s life and we at VJ make it even special for our customers. After booking a new abode, future neighbours come together for the very first time to celebrate their beginnings together during one of its kind event, ‘Payabharani’ – laying foundations of their new homes.

Recently, our customers from Yashwin Nuevo Centro, Yashwin Eternitee and Yashwin Enchante experienced the event of ‘Payabharani’.

When our new members of ‘VJ Parivaar’ arrived at their sites, they were greeted and guided about the flow of the event. Firstly, every family dug plots using shovels and participated in the construction of their new homes, clicked photos with family there and women from the family were greeted with oti’s and each family was given a box of sweets.

At VJ, we have been following this tradition of calling our customers at the site for the foot laying activity so that they get memories attached not only with their flats but also with the place and its soil from its plinth level.

All the three events of ‘Payabharani’ having many fun activities saw huge number of customers along with their families and were enjoyed thoroughly.